3/24/2020 – Parent/Community Letter

March 24, 2020


Dear Students, Parents, and Community,

As the status of school closures and the impact of the coronavirus continues to change almost daily, we as a school district also need to adjust how we respond.  When school was initially closed for a two-week period, the thought was that we would make up the missed days in June.  Now that schools are closed for an additional period of time, making up the missed days is not a viable option.  The current closure would have students returning to school on April 14th.  This is also subject to extension based on potential future decisions by Governor Wolf.

In an effort to provide continuity to education, the school district will begin providing lessons and enrichment opportunities for students K-12.  Teachers will be identifying core content based on state standards and developing lessons for students.  These instructional materials will be made available in multiple ways and vary by grade level.  Information will be posted on the district’s website and in the Sapphire portal.  Instruction will continue utilizing the Office 365 Team feature, Zoom, and Sapphire.  Other instructional resources will also be used, as determined most effective by our teachers.   Instructional tools will also be made to accommodate individuals needing paper copies of materials, when communicated.

The district realizes that this current educational climate is not ideal for every student, however, we do believe it will provide a manner for education to continue for all students.  As we proceed, we will be continually monitoring effectiveness and making modifications as necessary to provide the best educational opportunities possible.

Teachers are currently working on ways to enhance student learning and these will be available to students and parents no later than Monday, March 30th.  Some staff may have information posted prior to this time.  You should be receiving information from your child’s teacher soon.

As this is a unique situation for all of us, we ask that you continue to be flexible and patient.  As a school district we want to continue to support and encourage each other during this time.