Distance Learning FAQ

The reality of school continuing for the remainder of the year through distance education is finally starting to set in for all of us.  As we begin coping with being apart from each other for the foreseeable future there are a variety of questions.  I have tried to list some of them along with a response below.

When will the 3rd marking period end?

Grades for the 3rd marking period will be posted in Sapphire on Wednesday, April 22.


When will the school year end?

The official last day of school is still June 5th.


Is my child expected to continue with schoolwork until the end of the year?

Yes, we expect each student to put forth their best effort to complete assignments.


Will my child’s work be graded?

Teachers will provide feedback on each assignment. Traditional grades are not being used during this 4th marking period due to the unusual circumstances.


Can my child get their personal belongings from their classroom or lockers?

Yes, but not at this time. Once distancing restrictions are removed, we will allow students to get their possessions.  Notification will be sent out when this will occur.


My child still has money in their lunch account, can I get it?

Remaining balances will roll over into next school year. Seniors can have remaining balances transferred to a younger sibling’s account.  If you are moving out of the district or are experiencing a hardship and need the money, please contact the food service department by emailing ebrubaker@seal-pa.org or calling 570-374-3607.


Will my child be promoted on to the next grade?

Yes, except in very rare situations.


Will the district have a graduation ceremony for seniors?

Yes, we are exploring all options to hold graduation. We are scheduling some possible dates for advance planning and will be releasing those soon.  In the worst-case scenario, some type virtual ceremony will be held.


Will seniors get their diplomas?

Yes, senior diplomas will be made available starting on June 5th.


Is the District still providing meals for students?

Yes, meals are now available on Monday and Thursday only from 11:30-1:00 on a first come, first serve basis at Treas Park in Shamokin Dam and at Hope Church in Port Trevorton. Food for multiple days is included in each pickup.