High School Distance Learning Information

Selinsgrove Area High School Parents and Students,


On April 9, Governor Wolf announced that schools are to be closed for the remainder of the 2019/2020 academic year.  This announcement came at a time when we were beginning to implement distance learning opportunities to provide some continuity of education for our students.  Knowing that we will not be returning to traditional classroom instruction, it is important for our expectations of students to be as clear as possible.  We appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate this transition.  The following statements are intended to provide some guidance to our high school families related to our approach to distance learning.  More information can be located on the district web page (www.seal-pa.org) under “Distance Learning FAQ”. If you have additional questions, please call the High School office at 570-372-2230.


  • Participation in the distance learning activities is expected of all students.  A lack of participation could have scheduling implications.  It would not be in students’ best interests to take the next level or year of a course if they are completely disengaged from the previous, prerequisite course for this extended amount of time.  Students are to be completing work in ALL scheduled courses in order to justify earning credit toward graduation requirements.
  • Grading:  Due to the current circumstances, traditional grading is not possible or appropriate.  The goal of assessing students during this time will be to provide meaningful feedback as well as track participation.  At the end of the semester, students will receive Pass/Fail grades for their courses.  Pass/Fail grades will be based on the degree to which students have shown “reasonable effort” in participating in distance learning in addition to grades received during the 3rd Marking Period.  If there are rare or extreme extenuating circumstances that prevent a student from participating, Mr. Parise needs to be informed as soon as possible.  Every effort will be made to assist students in gaining access to online or hard copies of activities. Although it has been made clear that students are not to be penalized due to the closure, we need to make every effort to prepare them for the next academic year.  In some cases, that may require students to retake a course. Teachers may be providing assessment scores or “grades” (in Sapphire) on activities as a way to communicate feedback to students.
  • 3rd Marking Period:  At the time of the closure, we were nearing the end of the 3rd Marking Period.  A 3rd Marking Period Report Card will be made available on April 22, 2020.
  • GPA and Class Rank:  The second semester (3rd and 4th Marking Periods) will NOT be factored into to students’ GPA or class rank.  This year’s cumulative GPA and Rank will be based on completed, first semester courses.


Thank you for your patience and please continue to support and encourage your student as they participate in our distance learning initiative.



Brian C. Parise, Principal