Mamma Mia! Announcement

The Selinsgrove Area High School Production of “Mamma Mia” has been postponed until Spring 2021.
CDC Guidelines prohibit the presentation of the musical in its typical theatrical format.
Contractual guidelines prohibit the presentation of the show in any other format.
The directors of the production share that every effort was made to showcase the program in the next few months, taking into account the performers’, the community’s and the school district’s enthusiasm…but risk factors are simply too great.
The students’ safety is paramount and their educational experience in the journey of learning how to professionally perform a musical has been exceptional.
The directors also wish to thank the ongoing, conscientious oversight of the SAHS Principal and Vice-Principal. Mr. Parise and Mr. Roman have been extraordinarily mindful and helpful.
Purchased Tickets remain valid for the showing in 2021.
Should you require a refund, please bring the physical tickets to the High School Office near the start of the school year. Administration will alert you to time and manner of refund.
No refunds will be given without physical tickets.
Thank you for your interest in your students’ theatrical education and success!
They have learned a great deal…and they are awesome!
You will see for yourself, safely, in 2021.
Mrs. Rachel Ulsh, Director
Mr. Jay Muller, Director