The Selinsgrove Area School District was allocated $4,885,403 through the ARP’s Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) grant. Funds from this grant may be utilized for a variety of allowable expenses, as detailed in the grant and dating back to March 13, 2020, through Sept. 30, 2024.

Pennsylvania’s priorities of this grant include:

  • Return to In-Person Learning,
  • Safely Reopening Schools and Sustaining Safe Operations,
  • Addressing the Academic and Other Impacts of Lost Instructional Time
  • Investing in Summer Learning and Expanded After-School Programs.

Additional ESSER funding available through ESSER is intended to address the impacts of the pandemic on our most vulnerable students. The funding is to be used for mitigation strategies that include:

  • Addressing the interrupted instruction,
  • Meeting students’ social, emotional, mental health and academic needs
  • Summer programming, and staff capacity.

The first round of CARES/ESSER grant funding received in Spring of 2020 was used primarily to purchase the technology needed for remote instruction and sanitation/cleaning supplies. Emergency relief funding received by the Selinsgrove Area School District in its ESSER I grant has was used to support the technology for distance learning during the pandemic and expand the district’s implementation of its One-to-One program (primarily to the K-2 building). Additionally, funds were used to purchase necessary PPE and sanitation and cleaning supplies for buildings and classrooms across the district to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19. For a more detailed list of allowable expenses, please refer to the Pennsylvania Department of Education Summary of ESSER Funding.

The Selinsgrove Area School District is planning to utilize the allotted ESSER/ARP funding to address needs in the areas of student academics, social/emotional wellness, and mental health in the following ways:

  • Support expanded summer and after school programs
  • Offset the cost of additional personnel including:
    • Math interventionists (K-5)
    • Additional Guidance Counselor
    • Additional Social Worker
  • Curricular Program to support learning loss/intervention planning and student assessment
  • Technology infrastructure to support student learning and address learning loss
  • SEL and Mental Health Professional Development


Selinsgrove Area School District’s ARP/ESSER Report

7% Set Aside – Addressing Learning Loss Plan

7% Set Aside – Summer School Program Plan

7% Set Aside – After School Program Plan