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Harold L. Bolig Memorial Stadium
Rules to be followed:
  1. No Smoking or Tobacco Products are to be used on School District Property.
  2. No Alcoholic Beverages Allowed
  3. Outside food and drinks are not to be brought in.
  4. Chewing Gum not allowed in Stadium.
  5. No Confetti.
  6. No Umbrellas in Bleachers
  7. No Standing on Walkway of Bleachers.
  8. One blanket per person allowed to be placed for saving seats, once placed you must stay with it.
  9. You must stay off of freshly seeded grass areas, if any.
  10. If you leave stadium before end of 3rd quarter, you must repay to enter.
  11. Only those authorized may enter inside the fenced area of the track.
  12. Only those authorized may be on the artificial turf, no one allowed on the artificial turf after completion of game.
  13. No pets are allowed in stadium.
  14. No portable seats with backs on them are permitted in the stadium.
    • Sections are ‘A’ Thru ‘I’, with section ‘A’ On the score board end of field.
    • Sections ‘D’, ‘E’, ‘F’ Are reserved seat sections with the top eight (8) rows reserved for those who purchased preseason reserved seat tickets. Sections are labeled at handrails on the step risers, and also at the top of bleachers.
    • Section ‘A’ Reserved for the home band
    • Nineteen (19) rows per section starting with row ‘A’ At the bottom and row ‘S’ At the top.
    • Seating numbers are left to right; Your seating place will be to sit directly on your seat number.