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Welcome to Sue Groce's site!


Hello and welcome to my site! This year I teach English I Fundamentals, English I and Senior Drama.  To the left are links that you can click on to access information about what is going on in and outside my classroom in our school. 

Blog: My blog is a place for (an overview of class happenings, an overview of what students are learning, etc.). These posts will be updated on a (daily/weekly/biweekly/monthly) basis. The hope is you will regularly check it to stay current on what your child is being (taught/learning) in my classroom.
Calendar: On my calendar parents and students will be able to see (assignment due dates, class trips, testing dates) This calendar is academic and relates specifically to my classes.
Class Photos: This link will display a slideshow of (class projects, field trips, special events, student work, etc.) showing our class and what we are doing. Pictures will be updated from time to time so check back periodically.
Homework: This page is a homework hotline, and you or your student will be able to view homework assignments for the (day, week, unit).If you are looking for daily lesson plans and course materials, click on the Resources links below to view. If you have any questions concerning the homework, I can be reached at (email address).
Meet the Teacher:  Here is your opportunity as parents and students to learn a little about me and my interests in and outside of school.
Resources: The resources link is for information relevant to students. Here you will find links to PowerSchool, Moodle, Nettrekker, and our Video Portal. Additionally, I included other links which are used frequently in my classes.
Shared Documents: Students may lose materials from time to time. To to aid them, I have this "Shared Documents" folder. At this page parents and students will be able to access (newsletters, permission slips, rubrics, etc...) which can be downloaded and printed.

Thank you for visiting my website. I look forward to working with you this school year. Happy surfing!






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