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Welcome to Selinsgrove Area Intermediate Library's site!


The library at SAIS serves the students in grades three through five encouraging them to read and providing appropriate resources for their research and interests. A collection of approximately 19,000 volumes, with new books arriving throughout the year, provides many choices for the students to extend their reading interests and complete research projects. Students are encouraged to come to the library anytime throughout the school day to exchange their library books, research, or be instructed in library science. As the school librarian, I am responsible for the management of our school library, which includes book selection and the cataloging of new library materials. I am also considered the "library teacher" which means I instruct the children in the use of the library and research skills.
All intermediate school students receive 12-14 classes of instruction in library and research skills. Library classes are on a "flexible schedule" meaning that all classes are scheduled between Mrs. Williamson and the classroom teachers. The flexible schedule permits the integration of library skills with research as it is assigned throughout the year. Third graders study various fiction and nonfiction genres to extend their reading interests and are taught the use of call numbers to locate library books independently. Fourth grade students review call numbers and learn about reference books, including encyclopedias, dictionaries, and atlases. Fourth grade students also learn how to navigate the library's computer catalog and the importance of copyright law. Students in fifth grade review reference materials and the computer catalog, and are introduced to almanacs and how to evaluate resources.
Mrs. Lisa Steffen, our library aide, is available everyday to assist students during book exchange times. Whether students come as a class or individually, Mrs. Steffen helps them locate books and magazines, use the computer catalog, and check out/check in library materials.

To the left are links to resources and materials which help explain our library. Each of the links contains specific information.  Provided below are descriptions of those links. To the right, I've included a list of upcoming events for the next few weeks to inform parents and remind students of special events like reading promotions and author visits. Use the calendar link to see long term events.

Blog: My blog is a place for an overview of what students are learning.These posts will be updated on a monthly basis. The hope is you will regularly check it to stay current on what your child is learning in library science.

Calendar: On my calendar parents and students will be able to see special events like reading promotions, author visits, as well as end of the year due dates. Make sure that you check back often to see what's coming up.
Class Photos: This link will display photos of special events showing the students and what's new. Pictures will be updated from time to time so check back periodically.
Homework: This page is explains my thoughts about the importance of students making reading a life-long habit.
Meet the Teacher:  Here is your opportunity as parents and students to learn a little about me and my interests inside and outside of school.
Resources: The resources link is for information relevant to students. Here you will find links to PowerSchool, Moodle, Nettrekker, and our Video Portal. Additionally, I included other links which I hope you and your child will find useful.
Shared Documents: Students may lose materials from time to time. To to aid them, I have this "Shared Documents" folder. At this page parents and students will be able to access Power Points which can be downloaded and printed as well as documents such as order forms for books for author visits as well as permission forms for use of Snyder County Library's patron cards.

Thank you for visiting my website. I look forward to working with you this school year. Happy surfing!






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