Food Service


  • Any parent or community member interested in serving on the wellness committee, please contact Jill Raymond, School Nurse at Selinsgrove Middle School.

Department Overview

  • The Department of Food and Nutrition’s mission is to make a significant contribution to the students of the Selinsgrove Area School District by providing a food service department that employs a well-prepared staff who efficiently serve appealing choices of nutritious foods in a courteous and sanitary manner along with a school environment that allows adequate time for food consumption and encourages students to make healthy food choices.


  • Lunch Prices:

    K-5    $2.40

    6-12  $2.60

    Reduced (K-12)   $0.40


    Breakfast Prices:

    K-12   $1.30

    Reduced (K-12)   $0.30

Our Beliefs

  • Families are the primary teachers and care givers for their children and that integrated family and community involvement activities are needed to engage families as active participants in their children’s education.


    Health and physical education curriculum, taught by well-prepared and well-supported teachers, designed to motivate and help students maintain and improve their health, is vital at each grade level.


    Parents, administrators, school board and teachers support and provide encouraging choices for children such as physical activities and sports that all children can enjoy and pursue throughout their lives.


    All school activities, including fund raising, classroom parties and incentive awards, should reflect sound nutritional education practices as are taught in the classroom and implemented in the Department of Food and Nutrition.


    Success in school and good health are interrelated. Schools cannot achieve their primary mission of education if students and staff are not healthy and fit physically, mentally and socially. Each department, including food services, is an integral part of the school environment and each has a role to play in the overall health of the student.

Other Information

  • Food and Nutrition is a self-funded department within the school district. We do not take local tax dollars to run the food service department and we do not receive money from the school districts general fund budget. All expenses, food, labor, supplies etc. are paid using breakfast and lunch sales, federal and state reimbursement money and catering income. It is therefore critical that as your child purchases meals, he/she keeps money in their account or brings cash as needed.


    We do not offer credit to secondary students and we offer limited credit to elementary students. It is imperative for the success of our food service department that everyone stays current and updated with their cafeteria accounts. Thank you for your understanding.

Medical Plan of Care for School Food Service

  • If a parent or guardian is seeking a food service substitution of a portion of a child’s meal based on a disabling disability then please read the “Medical Plan of Care for School Food Service” document and follow the instructions. The form needs to be thoroughly filled out with appropriate signatures and returned to the Department of Food Services prior to any food substitution taking place.


    Medical Plan of Care for School Food Service