Hombebound Instruction

Homebound Instructional Services Guidelines for Parents

Eligible Student
Enrolled within the Selinsgrove Area School District
Confinement is expected to last an extended period of time of more than 2 weeks
Illness is not contagious
Student must be well enough to benefit from instruction
Complicated pregnancy & six-week recovery period after any childbirth


Non-Eligible Student
Normal uncomplicated pregnancy
Communicable diseases


Referral Process
Referral form must be submitted along with physicians certification
If services are approved, a certified teacher will be assigned to the student
The assigned teacher will make arrangements with the family to begin instruction at a mutually agreed upon date, time, and location
If a student does not return to school as originally projected, a medical extension is required to continue services which means we need a new physicians certification every 90 days thereafter.


Parent/Guardian Responsibilities
Sign referral form and submit medical certification from physician who is currently treating the student to the school guidance office
A responsible adult must be in the home during the entire time of instruction
Notify homebound teacher of any cancellation or necessary changes in scheduled time for instruction as soon as possible
Provide a workspace for instruction free from distraction and have student prepared for each session with assignments completed
Notify school if there is a conflict with instruction between your child and the tutor


The student is counted present for each day while on homebound instruction
Instruction will be provided in the home or hospital depending on circumstances
Homebound teacher will bring textbooks and assignments coordinated with the guidance office
An IEP will be developed/amended for students with disabilities
Homebound instruction may not exceed 3 months or 5 hours per week without prior approval from the Pennsylvania Department of Education


Grades are determined by homebound and classroom teachers



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