Video Monitoring

Video Monitoring

The Board recognizes that serious misconduct on board a bus jeopardizes the safety of all passengers and that the limited use of video monitoring will ensure safety by serving as a deterrent to serious misbehavior.

Upon approval of the Superintendent or authorized designee, the video and audio monitoring device will be installed, operated and maintained by the Transportation office. A warning (via a posted decal in buses and publication in school handbooks) will inform riders that a video and audio monitoring system may be used at any time. Tapes will be erased and rerecorded if no incidents occur. Tapes documenting incidents will be made available to the appropriate principal, or designee, after review by contractor and Transportation Office, and/or Superintendent or representative designee. All tape recordings shall be the property of the Selinsgrove Area School District.

The method of videotaping will be through scheduled rotation of video cameras, so as not to isolate only certain buses. The actual taping will be audio and video. Based on the number of incidences of misconduct or the seriousness of such reports, videotaping of a bus route may be done consistently.

Review of videotapes will be limited to the appropriate principal, or designee, contractor and the Transportation Office, and/or the Superintendent or respective designee.

If the parent/guardian received an incident report informing them that their son/daughter was involved in an alleged misbehavior that was videotaped, the parent /guardian will have three (3) school days, after receiving the incident report to submit a written request to view said videotape. This written request must state the purpose and/or reason for reviewing the portion of the videotape that involves their child’s alleged misbehavior. The Selinsgrove Area School District asks that the parent/guardian help to work toward a resolution of that incident or situation.

Video taped documentation of misbehavior will be preserved only until the discrepancy action/disposition is reached. Thereafter all recorded evidence of the misbehavior will be erased.


Mark Wolfberg – Transportation Coordinator Ext. 3608
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