9-12 Curriculum

The Selinsgrove Area High School offers a variety of courses that address the varied interests of our students as well as enabling them to meet the state academic standards and graduation requirements.


Agricultural Science

Agriculture Foundations
Agricultural Leadership A
Agricultural Leadership B
Agricultural Leadership C
Animal Veterinary Science I
Animal Veterinary Science II
Building Construction
Floriculture A
Floriculture B
Horticulture A
Horticulture B
Power Engineering I
Power Engineering II
Supervised Agriculture Experience (SAE)
Welding Technology I
Welding Technology II


Advanced Senior Art
Intro to Art
Ceramics I
Ceramics II
Drawing and Painting I
Drawing and Painting II
Sculpture I
Sculpture II

Business and Computer Information Technology

Accounting I
Advanced Computer Applications
Business Leadership and Specialized Training (BLAST)
Career Prep
Computer Applications
Information, Technology, and Society – NOW Program, Penn-Tech College Credit available
Money Talk: Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, and Credit Cards
Personal Finance
Sports and Entertainment Marketing
Today’s Law


Advanced Placement (AP) English
English I
English II
English III
English IV
English IV- Drama
English IV- Fiction
English IV- Humanities
Honors English / WAHG I
Honors English III
Public Relations Journalism

Family and Consumer Science

Asian Cuisine and Culture
Child Development
Discovering Foods
European Cuisine and Culture
Food Microbes: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Health and Physical Education

Advanced Physical Education
Health & Wellness
Lifetime Fitness
Physical Education 1 & 2
Physical Education 3 & 4
Power Weight Training


Accelerated Trigonometry/ Analytical & Plane Geometry
Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus
Advanced Placement (AP) Statistics
Algebra I
Algebra II
Keystone Algebra
Plane Geometry Level I
Plane Geometry Level II
Probability and Statistics
Trigonometry/Algebra III
Trigonometry & Analytic Geometry


Honors Choir
Mixed Chorus
Music Theatre I
Music Theory I
Music Theory II
Piano I, II, III, IV
Popular Music Trends


Advanced Placement (AP) Biology
Advanced Placement (AP) Chemistry
Advanced Placement (AP) Environmental Science
Anatomy and Physiology
Chemistry I
Chemistry II
Environment, Ecology, and Earth
Environmental Science
Exploration in Chemistry
Exploration in Physics
Honors Biology
Introduction to Organic Chemistry/Biochemistry
Keystone Biology
Physics I
Physics II

Social Studies

Accelerated Civics and Government
Advanced Placement (AP) American History
Advanced Placement (AP) European History
Advanced Placement (AP) Psychology
Civics and Government
Contemporary Issues
Introduction to Psychology
WAHG I (World American History & Geography I)
WAHG II (World American History & Geography II)
Honors English/WAHG I
Honors WAHG II

Technology Education

Advanced Materials I
Advanced Materials II
Design Engineering Technology
Digital Photography and Adobe Photoshop
Manufacturing Technology I
Manufacturing Technology II
Technical Drawing I
Technical Drawing II
Technical Drawing III
Visual Design – Adobe Illustrator
Web Design I
Web Design II

World Languages

French I
French II
French III
French IV
German I
German II
German III
German IV
Spanish I
Spanish II
Spanish III
Spanish IV

Other Electives

Independent Study
Introduction to Exceptionalities