Informational Items for Face-to-face and Distance Students


Distance learners must sign-in through Sapphire by 9:30 a.m. each morning for attendance. This does not mean that all work must be completed immediately at 9:30 a.m., but it allows the office staff to mark your distance learner as present for the day. Students should be checking their email on a daily basis for information from teachers. Teachers will all be using Microsoft Teams as a learning platform for students. Distance learners will be graded with the same rigor and on the same scale as in-person learners. Remember that both distance and in-person learners will be receiving similar educational content.

Students should email their teachers if they have questions about activities.

Parents who do not have reliable internet access should contact the High School main office.


Face to face learners will not be utilizing school lockers to start the school year.  All students will need to have a backpack to carry items throughout their school day.

All items (books, laptops, etc) will go to and from school/home each day.  This will ensure if we need to shut school operations down, students have the materials they need to transition quickly to distance learning.

Lunch cards will be provided to each student.  This will replace the former touch-pad system.  Students will need to carry their cards with them each day if they are purchasing lunches.

Students are encouraged to bring a pair of headphones for use with their devices each day.

Students are encouraged to bring a fully charged laptop to school each day if possible.