Selinsgrove K-8 Cyber School


Question: How often will my child be required to come to school?

Answer: Students are not required to attend school in person.

Question: When will my child be required to be logged into the cyber school system?

Answer: There are no set times that students must be logged in.  They may work at a time and place that best suits their schedule.

Question: Can my child participate in additional school activities?  

Answer: Yes.  Students may choose to participate in band or chorus.  They will also have the opportunity, as long as work is complete, to participate in end of the year activities.

Question:  How will online content be delivered to my child?

Answer: SAMS Online Learning Program will use an online provider.  K-5 content is delivered through Accelerate Education.  6-8 content is delivered through Edgenuity.  Each company will provide content as well as certified teachers in every content area to assist your student. 

Question: What are the advantages of Selinsgrove’s program vs. other cyber programs?

Answer: While the advantages will vary for each student, here a few reasons to select Selinsgrove’s Cyber School program:

  1. A full time Online Learning Coordinator, Mr. Derek Hicks, will monitor each student’s program and progress while communicating with parents/guardians on their student’s progress and needs.
  2. Every eligible student will have access to special education through coordination with Mrs. Susan Lipsey.
  3. Every student will be supported by district guidance counselors. 
  4. Every student will have access to home district opportunities.
  5. Every student will receive a Selinsgrove Area School District transcript.
  6. Students will be provided with a laptop (3-8) or iPad (K-2) to be used for coursework.

Question: What courses will my child take while enrolled in the Selinsgrove program?

Answer: Students will take the same four core courses as other students.  These courses are math, science, social studies, and ELA.  They will also take one elective.  

Question:  How do I enroll in Selinsgrove’s Cyber School?

Answer: Enrollment is easy!  Simply contact Derek Hicks.  Unlike other cyber school there is no need to withdraw your child.  Once you contact Mr. Hicks, he will take care of transitioning your child to cyber school.

Question:  What if I want to switch back to brick and mortar school from Selinsgrove K-8 Cyber School?

Answer: Switching back is easy!  Since your child is still enrolled as a Selinsgrove student, simply contact Mr. Hicks and he will take care of switching them back to brick and mortar.  


If you’d like more information, have additional questions, or would like to enroll in the Selinsgrove K-8 Cyber School, please contact the program instructor Derek Hicks,


Phone: 570-884-8497