CASS Activities

Sampling of CASS Club Activities/Events:

  • Deliver the Sixth Grade Anti- Bullying Program to ALL 6th Grade Students
  • Peer Mediation Opportunities (members will be trained to be peacemakers)
  • CASS Club Chats (teach mini-lessons about bullying)
  • Orientation programs (e.g., serve as tour guides)
  • Red Ribbon Week Activities (drug prevention)
  • CASS Club meetings (provide members with knowledge & skills regarding bullying and peace-making)
  • School Announcements (deliver powerful messages about bullying and peace)
  • CASS Club Sponsored Dance
  • Community Projects
  • Random Acts of Kindness Activities
  • Fundraising/Student Support/Helping Hands
  • Holiday Cards for New Students – Promote Acceptance
  • CASS Club Members Creative Ideas